My Cubs Family

It is history of course. The Chicago Cubs is the World Series 2016 Champions! After 108 years, we are here. It is past now. The world knows. There is no need to repeat what everyone is talking about, what the world media is covering. We are here. I am so happy! I am grateful to be a big part of this historical event in USA history.

I came to America as a foreign student and married into an Illinois family with deep roots in Chicago Cubs culture. I heard my wife's grandmother, Grandma Addie, say: "I want to see my Cubbies in the World Series before I die." She almost made it. She passed a few years back. I am sure she is smiling in heaven watching all of us go crazy over a baseball game.

  Clemente Family

Oh the joy of being a Cubs fan !

Going Blue in Kenting (Blue as in BLUE NATION)

We are all wearing blue shirts, with big "Kentucky Wildcats" all over our bodies. Well, not all blue. I am wearing white, but I still have the words "2012 Champions!" right in the center of my chest. This refers to the NCAA University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Wildcats. We are all crazy rooting for the UK team. You can tell from our picture, below.

All around us is green. We are taking our December break here in Kenting and have opted for a small cabin-like accommodations with farm animals around us. Close to nature and relaxing. We will be spending Christmas in Kenting, just like last year. This has become one of our family's special get-aways. Carmen and Jacob are enjoying this place. We all love it.

Clemente Family - 2014 Dec - GO BLUE

For now, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for the coming 2015! And while you are on it, watch the upcoming Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinal game this December 27. Go Blue!