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November 10, 2023

Giving Generously

“These are for you.” Joe handed me a check and a Bible. I looked at the check and was so taken back at the generous gift. The amount could pay ten days of comfortable hotel stay in most cities in Asia. This gift would certainly be of use for my missionary travels and time of ministry for the coming year, 2024. I said thank you to Joe and we celebrated our friendship, together with his sister, enjoying some light dinner at their home.

Generous gifts given to missionaries are always memorable. At one time, a small church in Michigan gave me a small gift, just enough to pay for a meal or two during my annual travel around Asia and Oceania. The amount was insignificant. The source of the gift was what moved me. It came from a children’s Sunday School class, a group of 2nd and 3rd Graders who invited me to visit their classroom and to share a missionary story. I was blown away by their generous hearts. I often wonder how much of our missionary funds come from kids selling lemonade at their front yard or from a garage sale of a child’s favorite toys, or maybe, donations coming from nickels and dimes taken out of a girl or boy’s piggy bank. I will never know. One thing for sure is that the generosity of God’s children is always amazing.

Going back to Joe and his generous gift… didn’t I mention he also gave me a Bible? It was a beautiful hard-cover The Passion Translation (TPT) New Testament, with Psalms and Proverbs. It was perfect. I told Joe that I just started my personal devotional time with the Book of Proverbs. Now, every time I start my morning with my devotions, I remember Joe and his sister from Illinois, and I join them during my prayer time. I am grateful for people like Joe and the children from a Sunday School class, that they are giving generously for a missionary like me.