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November 7, 2023

Now I Remember

“Remember me?” Rose asks me this question. She is a youth leader from Cambodia. Back then, she was an eight-year old girl when I visited Phnom Penh with a mission team from Taiwan. “My father is Pastor Joseph,” she continues. That is when I remember her. We chat a little bit and we both agree that the 15 years or so went by so fast.

I am in our Better Together Converge 2023, here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is a gathering of our leaders from many countries in Asia. Several participants are youth leaders. Rose is one of them. We are gathering for a time of encouragement and revisiting our vision of “influencing a million for Jesus.”

The first day of our BTC23 conference, I was asked the same question by many of the youth leaders. Amos from South Asia, Jacob from Myanmar, Pastor Pen from Thailand, they all came to me and asked me the question. After a few pauses and puzzled look, I remembered.

It is a rewarding time to be here at BTC23. I am seeing God’s work among our Asian churches, especially among the youth. Now, they are the leaders in our communities. God is answering the prayers of His children.