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October 20, 2023

Laughing With God

God has a great sense of humor. I prepare a talk and at the end, he takes a small portion of my presentation and multiplies it to one person listening to my teaching. Isn’t this funny? After spending hours and hours of study and teaching preparations, one insignificant portion of my talk becomes the turning point to this one person. Has this ever happened to you?

Yesterday, I was in a church retreat here in Borneo. The SIBH church leaders have invited me to speak on the Trinity. I gave a lecture on the “Renewing Ministry of the Spirit.” One portion in my talk was the topic of forgiveness. I learned later, through one of the church leaders that this topic had an impact on a few of the participants. I find this humorous. Long hours of preparations and only a small theme, actually a footnote, found relevance to these few individuals.

Well, it is God’s work. So, I will leave everything to our God to use any portion of my presentation to encourage his people to a life of renewal…, I meant forgiveness. Maybe, next time, I will share about forgiveness.