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September 17, 2023

Who Would Come Here?

There was a brief hesitation from Byaecelela Lusema. He was not sure if anyone from the US would come and visit them. They felt isolated here in the state of Western Australia (WA). They could not imagine an “umbrella group” would come and partner with them. However, the group from FMWM did come and visited with them.

Lusema is the pastor of Perth Free Methodist Church, an African and Congolese congregation here in the city of Perth, Australia. Most of its members are refugees from central Africa. They have reach out to our home office of FMCUSA, and our Area Director has sent me last year, and several team members this year, to establish stronger ties with this FM local congregation. So, we are here and we are waiting on our Lord. There are other things we need to do strengthen our partnership, such as agree on ministry goals and enter into an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding, that would outline some of our expectations as partners in God’s work here in Australia.

Now, we can definitely say: “We are here.” Let us keep working together, praying for each other, and finding new ways of becoming better together in the Lord’s work in Australia.