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February 4, 2023

A Posture In Prayer

There is a posture in prayer that describes an inner sanctuary in our lives. Matthew 6:6 states: “But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” This verse expresses it vividly with a command to find a room and shut the door to this room so that one can guard the intimate communion with the Father in heaven. It is in this inner sanctuary that we can ask our God the question: “How much do you love me?” 

Early in my marriage, I did not understand why my wife would often ask me the question: “How much do you love me?” I enumerated to her the many reasons why I love her. I gave my reasons. I married her. I committed my life to her to establish a family. I offered her a home for our children. I go on and on. And yet, she would keep asking me the question: “How much do you love me?” Later, I finally understood that she did not really want to hear the answers. She just needs to hear me say “I love you” and feel my presence beside her.

Similarly, in our spiritual lives, there is an inner sanctuary where we commune with God in the deepest ways possible. It is in this deep level of intimacy with our Father in heaven that we long to hear Him say “I love you, my child” and we desire to simply feel His presence. We ask the question “How much do you love me?” so that when the Heavenly Father answers, we not only hear His words, but we also feel His Divine Presence in our lives. He sees us. He views us from His holy place and comes close to our hearts. This is the reality of “God With Us” or the truth of God Immanuel. This inner sanctuary posture is the location of our prayers.

There are different rooms in a person’s life. A room for our friends. Room for our private thoughts. One room for all our decisions about work, career, and our job. A room for our lovers and heart affairs. One room for our family. One for financial matters. And one special room for the deepest innermost experiences, a place where we make our most intimate decisions. This final room, the innermost room, is the most important section in any person’s life.

Many people have invited Jesus to their lives. They opened the doors to their family room, to their career and work room, to their recreation and entertainment room, to their social relationships room, and many other rooms representing the different parts of their lives. But they have never opened the door to their innermost room, the private room where secrets are shared and decisions are made in whispers and silent deliberations. Those who have not given up everything will never experience the fullness of the Spirit of God.

Here is a question for everyone: Have you opened the door to your innermost room and invited God to come in to the inner sanctuary of your life?