Proximity To The Kingdom Of God
Service For The King

Happy Are You When ...

We are happy when we are hungry for righteousness or merciful to others, or making peace. We are happy when we are pure or persecuted, because the King of the kingdom of God is with us, near us. Our happiness is not based on what people think of our acts of mercy or the correctness of our hunger and thirst for righteousness. Our happiness is not dependent on the world’s definition of peace, purity, or persecution and sacrificial service. Our happiness is grounded on our relationship to the King of this kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is our goal. The kingdom of God defines our happiness. It is in the kingdom of God that we shall receive mercy, comfort, and satisfaction. It is in the kingdom of God where we will be called sons and daughters of God, inheritors of the earth, and seeing God in a most intimate way.


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