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October 13, 2022

Offering Forgiveness

I am in Suva, Fiji visiting with our pastors here. In one of our gatherings, just before the service starts, I sit with Torika, a grandmother in her early 70s. We sit and talk about her life as a believer.

“My late husband did not follow the Lord. But in his last breath, before he died, we came together as a family, my sons and I, and reconciled with him.” She recounted how her son gathered them together at her husband’s deathbed and they all spoke forgiveness and made amends with the wrongs done against them. The following day her husband passed.

I treasure these moments when the people I meet tell me stories of God’s redemption and release. I look forward to the day, as I continue my travel around Asia and Oceania, when I can share Torika’s story to other people, so that we can all glorify our God who offers forgiveness and declares reconciliation to the world.

Smelling God’s Call

“I am floating effortlessly, almost hovering over the waters. All around me are fish of all kinds. I cast my net and walk to the shore dragging the net and fish with me. And I opened my eyes.”

Pastor Moses shares with me the dream and vision he had of God’s call in his life just a few years back. He is resolve to obey this call and is now dedicating this year as the time to start a new church plant in his clan’s village. 

“I was praying when God’s vision occurred, ”Pastor Moses continues. “When I opened my eyes, my room was filled with the smell of fresh fish.” God is leading the way for our Free Methodist work in Fiji.