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October 7, 2022

When We Are In Heaven

"When we are in heaven, I want you guys to sing the same song that you just did this morning. There in the presence of our God, I will understand all the songs, whether they are in Kibembe, Swahili, or French. There I can celebrate your stories in these songs and glorify our God for His work in our lives."

I am in Perth, Australia,  visiting our Free Methodist Church of Perth, an African congregation. Most of the members are refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pastor Lusema is leading this church. He has traveled with his family from different refugee camps in Central Africa.

Now, they are here in Australia, and this is the beginning of a partnership with FMWM-Asia. I am here in the beautiful city of Perth only for four days. But already I feel the Spirit of God beckoning me to come back for a longer and stronger connection with these communities of Africans. God will lead the way.

A Testimony Of God’s Love

How would you encourage the members to go and share God’s love to others?

“This is my testimony. I went to the mountain to pray. In a moment, God showed me many people. God Himself, He showed me many people. He told me: ‘You see. These people will come.’ Wah. All these people will come. That is why my the focus is to teach people the love of the God.”

Lusema shares a testimony of God’s love and guidance. Moving from one refugee camp to another, transported from one African country to another, and finally settling in Australia with his family, God is there for him. Lusema talks of visions, dreams, healing, and many miraculous ways God has led him and his family to the city of Perth to start a Free Methodist Church.