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February 6, 2022

Teaching By The Lake: Peter's Story

Peter was there when Jesus started speaking to the crowd. He spoke to the people standing by the lake. His words did not make sense to him. This Rabbi Jesus came and got into his boat.  He continued teaching from the boat. Everything he said did not make sense. Then, he turned around and asked Peter to go fishing with him. Peter went reluctantly. He knew that, at this time of the day, any fishing expedition would end up a failure. But he still went. And when the miracle happened and the boats were filled with fish, lots of them, Peter understood. This Rabbi was no ordinary teacher. Peter responded in worship and said: “Depart from me, Jesus. I am a sinner.” He finally understood the teaching by the lake, after he witnessed a demonstration of that same teaching. The manna from heaven is now the Bread of Life for all people. Just as God feeds the sparrows of the field, this Rabbi is showing his love by providing fish for the poor fisherfolk. And so, when he gave him the invitation, Peter did not hesitate. Jesus said: “Don't be afraid; from now on you will be catching people.” At that point, Peter knew that his life will no longer be controlled by fear.  He will follow this Rabbi and trust in him always. He now understands the teaching that this Jesus is the Light of the world, the Light who gives life to all who believe. And so, Peter obeys and he wants others to understand Jesus’ teaching by the lake.  

Our Gospel reading for this Sunday (02/06/2022) is from Luke 5:1-11, where we see the story of Jesus calling his first disciples, including Peter. One question we could ask ourself here is: What are some teachings that only make sense after they are demonstrated to us in real life?