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August 2021

Connection Here And There

What a joy to reconnect with fellow Free Methodists. In most of the church communities I have visited so far, a significant number of members do not know me personally as their missionary. And this is a good thing. It just shows that these local churches are growing, and new members are being added to their communities. I praise God that the Spirit of our Lord is alive in our local churches.

At one church I visited, I noticed that two of the guitar players in the worship team are still learning how to play the guitars. And yet, they are there playing and willing to serve God in the music ministry. At another church, a person with an obvious stuttering problem is up front reading Scriptures during the church service. Still in another, a young man is fixing cars to be sold in behalf of the church so that the proceeds of the sale can go towards supporting local missions work. These local churches are growing and members are actively participating.

What a joy to connect God’s work in Asia with what God is doing among our local churches here in Michigan and Illinois.  God is good.