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Social Healing, Anyone?

Jesus, after healing the leper of his physical disease, asked the person to go to his priest for a ceremonial cleansing, so that he can be declared legally healed and cleansed, and start reconnecting with other people in the community. Without the formal declaration from the priest, he will always be a social outcast. But with the legal paper in his hand, he can start “social healing” or begin sharing with others and talking with his family. The physical healing has now opened up the door to a future relational healing. The healing that Jesus gave to his physical body can continue through the process of reconciliation in his community; through the renewal of friendships and reconnecting with families. The healing experience is now leading to another part of this person’s life—his social life. So, Jesus asks this healed leper to go and see the priest for his ceremonial cleansing. (Compare, Matthew 8:1-4, and Mark 1:40-45) Physical healing and social transformation go together in the kingdom of God.

What forms of “social healing” came to your life after God’s answers of physical healing? Are you reconnecting with your friends and sharing the power of Jesus to heal both body and spirit?

Let us not follow the example of the leper who “[but] went out” and did not go to the priest for his legal papers. In the end, he caused more trouble for Jesus. (See, Mark 1:45.) Jesus had difficulty entering a town because of this leper’s disobedience. He did not follow through what Jesus said after receiving the healing from his leprosy. 

Go ahead and ask God for physical healing. But, be aware of the “social healing” that God will demand from you—that is, for you to go out and reconnect with friends and families, and declare God’s transforming power for all peoples.


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