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God Draws Near Me

Saying a Blessing from our Core

Henri Nouwen shares a blessing he gave to Janet, a member of his Christian community. He states: “Janet, I want you to know that you are God’s beloved daughter. You are precious in God’s eyes. Your beautiful smile, your kindness to the people in your house, and all the good things you do show us what a beautiful human being you are. I know you feel a little low these days and that there is some sadness in your heart, but I want you to remember who you are: a very special person, deeply loved by God and all the people who are here with you” (Discernment. 2013:134).

Currently, I am finishing a three-volume set of Nouwen’s work: Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Formation, and this book, Discernment. I am not doing book reviews here. I just wanted to highlight the call to our identity as God’s children, which permeates through Nouwen’s writings. The above quote is a simple yet beautiful blessing one could give to a brother, sister, or a friend. 

Currently, I am working on an opportunity to say this blessing to a dear brother of mine. I definitely need to reword the quoted blessing above, so that it comes out natural and personal to the person. I still have not gathered my courage to speak this blessing. Praying that it will come soon.

As children of God, “our core identity is secure in the memory of God” (Nouwen. 2013:135). What an amazing reminder of God’s love for everyone. 


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