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Lord Have Mercy

Praying For Healing: Premika Tamang

(Premika Tamang of South Asia shares her journey of God’s healing in her life.)

        In August of 2012, we, the sisters and women of the church, started a ministry, a Prayer Fellowship. I was asked to lead in the area of healing and prayer. Although the vision seemed very good at first, I had no idea how to speak about healing. It was very difficult for me to speak in front of many people. Besides, I never had such an amazing healing in my own life. I was very worried.  I thought it would be easier for me to speak about healing if there was such a healing in my life. But, nothing here in my life.

        While serving at this Prayer Fellowship, we had to travel to many places during this time of ministry. It was during one of our ministry trips to the Nuwakot District, I received word from back home that my mother-in-law was ill. Two days later after I returned, she passed away. She slept in the Lord. I was very sad. I had to speak words of healing to the members of our Prayer Fellowship. But after such an incident happening in my own house, I started asking God how to speak his words of healing. I became even more sad thinking about this. I cried to the Lord.

        Within a year of my mother-in-law's death, I lost my middle son whom I love more than anything. While I was continuing with the women’s Prayer Fellowship these two incidents devastated me. I prayed to God and asked why I was suffering so much. I cried. In the middle of my disappointment, God did not give Satan a chance to win. In my sorrow, the Holy Spirit came to me saying that only by struggling with God in this situation can I be rescued. At the same time, this is the way I may be able to encourage my sisters.

        About a month after my son died, God sent me to a village called Ree Tajimrang (a nearby village) to share his word. I asked God, Lord, why should I go? How can I share the word among these people that “there is healing in God” when I cannot even save my own son? My heart was pounding at the thought of how to speak. I was kind of blind. But before I spoke, I received a prophetic word. When I was praising, God said: “Daughter, why are you so worried? Why are you crying? I have your son. You will meet him later. Don't worry too much.” These words from God encouraged me so much. I was very happy to know that I will meet my son someday, at the end of my life. No matter how much I have to suffer now, I have the courage to share the word with our sisters who are suffering and worried like me. Also, that day, I learned that there should not be much concern for the dead, because they are alive in God.

        I continued in the women’s ministry through this Prayer Fellowship. And yet, problems in my home kept happening.  At one time, our youngest son got ill. I prayed to God with repentance. I humbly prayed that what had happened before, would not be repeated in my house. God miraculously healed my youngest son. Later on, my father-in-law also got sick. I was still in pain from the death of my mother-in-law and my middle son. After their deaths, there are now only seven members in the family. I begged God from the bottom of my heart. Oh Lord, I prayed with faith that my father-in-law would be spared. My husband and I prayed for him day and night. But his condition became more and more critical. Since I was meeting with many leaders and believers during this women’s Prayer Fellowship, I kept requesting them to pray for my father in-law. God healed my father-in-law. He was in a critical condition, and now he goes to church and serves God. He went on to live a full life for four more years, before passing on in 2017. He is also now sleeping in God’s rest.

        When God unexpected healed my father-in-law and kept him alive on this earth for four years, I was encouraged. I became more and more convinced that God was listening to my prayers for intercession. I believe that my father-in-law was healed and his life was extended because of our prayers. No matter how many failures we have, God is there to bless us. Until we experience healing in our lives, we are not really able to share these things with others. God has blessed me so much even to this day.

        I am very happy in God now. At present, there are six of us in our family. A few months ago, my mother got sick. She was taken to the Teaching Hospital (one of the biggest government hospital in country) where we admitted her. The doctor said she would not live for a week. She was diagnosed with lung cancer. We brought her back to the village. The only hope for her now is in God. Our family and brothers, all of us fasted and prayed for eight days. God answered our prayers for healing. My mother is with us until now. This is made possible by the grace of God.

        Because of these similar incidents of healing that have happened in my life, I am encouraged to move forward in this women’s ministry, this Prayer Fellowship. With this enthusiasm, I want the sisters of this region to be enthusiastic for the Lord, even among those who are busy with housework and farm chores. Most of the women here have not received any formal (educational) training. Only men are receiving such training. (Please take this in positive way.) And still, our belief in God is never a backward experience. Moreover, our prayer services have awakened us more and more, in our churches and especially among the women. You should understand that if you have learned how to pray and there is a quarrel with someone, you should immediately forgive and ask for forgiveness. (Because of God’s healing I have seen in my life, I want the women of this region to be enthusiastic for the Lord.)

        Personally, I have come to understand that it is easier for me to share from what I have experienced in my life. Now, wherever I go, I go to pray and share the word of God. Sisters and brothers have full faith in the power of prayer and the healing that comes through prayer.

(Premika Tamang now serves as a prayer coordinator for a Free Methodist Church here in the mountains of South Asia. She has two adult children and a pre-teen son. She works as a farmer, while her husband, John, works as a church planter for Beer-jet FMC. This interview was translated to English by a friend, Resham Tamang.)


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