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April 8, 2020

Meeting At Home

Due to the government restrictions on meetings consisting of big groups of people, our local churches here in Taiwan have cancelled our Sunday church services. This change of plans is the direct result of the Covid19 pandemic. We at Higher Ground International Fellowship (HGIF), a Filipino and Chinese congregation I am helping with, are doing online services. We are recording everything and posting our services on live stream media. God is good. Church is still going on.

One challenge is the practice of serving the Lord’s Supper. Because of this restriction and lockdown we choose to meet at our homes and serve communion there. It has been a meaningful experience. It feels like the New Testament times when the church were meeting at the people’s homes. God is good. Church is still going on.


Another challenge is the practice of praying with members of the church. The pastors of this congregation (HGIF) are very committed. Pastor Tessa and Pastor Aying are visiting the church members at their homes, during their small group gatherings, and on a one-on-one basis for a time of prayer and sharing. God is so good. Church is still going on.