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May 2018

Training Pastors or Developing Leaders

I am here in South Asia, for the last 20 or so days, meeting up with pastors and local leaders, teaching from the Book of Mark and encouraging everyone to be serious about their study of God's word and its application in their daily life. I have travelled to six different locations. I have eaten the people's local food; lots of dal, jero, and chicken curry. I have seen the diversity of cultures and languages here. Most of the locals have mistaken me for one of them. Obviously, I have the Asian look but once I open my mouth and start speaking, then they know I am a foreigner.

I am here and have seen the challenges of leadership. Pastors have the need to be trained how to train others. A few of our national leaders are capable of doing this task. I keep pushing them to go out of their way and start developing their circle of leaders and empower them. I sense their lack of confidence. In due time, however, they will be the ones to train their pastors. I cannot wait to see that day come, when leaders from one district go to another district for a time of ministry and pastoral training. I am looking forward to the day when I do not have to come here, because the leaders themselves are doing their own training.

Meanwhile, I am here developing our own Free Methodist leaders. On the side, I travel around training pastors and teaching some seminars on basic ministry skills on Bible and theology. The good thing about this traveling around the region is that I am able to identify a few of our national leaders who are able to train pastors. These national leaders are committed, tested, and passionate about God's work for the region. It won't be long when they themselves will be the ones who will be traveling around and training pastors in South Asia.