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Back To Where We Belong

We are back in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is good to be here. This is where God wants us to be, for now. This is where my children's friends are, most of them. This is the city we call home, until the time when God sends us again to another place.

I like staying here in Kaohsiung. I love the food and the hospitality of the people. Maybe, not too much the weather. I could live without the humidity and pollution. Some days, the horizon is clear and we can see the beautiful mountains from a distance. 

I like staying here in Taiwan, because it is very easy and safe for me to travel to and from the Asian countries I am regularly visiting for a time of ministry. We have direct flights from almost everywhere. Because we are residents here in Taiwan, I am able to serve our God by helping our Free Methodist pastors and church leaders from Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, and other places get ready for ordination and church ministry. I am residing here, but serving in these different Asian countries.

I like Taiwan. I love Kaohsiung. I enjoy the Chinese people living here in this island of Taiwan. This is where we belong. This is where we are because God is here. 


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