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December 2015

Happy New Year !

We started the New Year with a visit to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Wu Hua Ma, with dumplings, noodle soup, and other delicacies that we missed so much. Life in Kaohsiung is good! God is good, all the time!!!

Carmen and I

Children Taking Charge

"Do not worry, Dad, we will lead the way," Jacob confidently makes the announcement to the four us, even within earshot of other people in this Narita airport. I just smile. It is hard to argue with him, when a few minutes ago, I made a wrong turn leading our family to the wrong gate. We are on our way back to Asia. And we are changing planes here in Japan in route to Kaohsiung. I am half awake, groggy from jet lag and worried about luggages. It is easy to miss miss the gate numbers and other details related to international travel. "See, Gate 88 is that way. We need to go to Gate 68, which is where our next flight is boarding," Carmen reminds me and point to our boarding passes. Sarah and I just smile with approval.

Later, I took the two kids aside and told them that their mother and I are looking forward to the day when we would be traveling together and they will be in charge. "We will take care of adult stuff, such as passports and paying fees we will be incurring along the way," we mentioned this to the two kids. "Other stuff like finding our boarding gates, pulling our carry-on bags, and making sure we get through customs and security, these things you will be responsible." Both kids beamed with pride. Jacob even said, "I like our travel this time, this year."

“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14) I think this verse does not only speak about spiritual realities, but relates to practical ways as well. Children can be empowered. Given the encouragement and opportunities to lead, they will.