Listening To God's Silence
Morning's Recreation

GC15 Means God. People, and Other Things

I pray. I worship. I just want to seek God in all His splendor. I prefer to bring my guitar and make music to my Creator Savior all alone with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. My desire is to be with my God in the privacy of my innermost thoughts and the deepest cravings of my heart. However, I keep running into people. I cannot help but talk to pastors and leaders here in this conference in Florida.

I am right now at GC15 or General Conference 2015 of the Free Methodist Church, USA. I am participating as a visitor. Many other Asian FM leaders from Asia are here. For some reason, I end up introducing these leaders to each other, or if they already knew each other, I find myself facilitating some kind of dialogue about a possible future visit to their respective countries and regions. "Why don't you invite this pastor to come to your area and teach a class on Wesleyan Theology?" "How about organizing a mission trip from your group of young adults and visit our FMC ICCM children's ministry there?" I start talking about plans. The ensuing conversation is very encouraging. One pastor from CA is now considering visiting Taiwan. My Filipino Superintendent friend is liking the idea of coming to Myanmar. One Michigan pastor is making plans for a visit to the Philippines. People, FMC leaders, from Vietnam, Japan, India, and other countries I cannot mention here because of political restrictions, are talking. I stand aside and watch them exchange plans and ministry opportunities. I see them, but I am wishing I could be alone with my God and commune with Him in His beauty and splendor. Why do I find myself in this predicament? I want God but I find myself being with people.

Now, I realize that this is God's plan for me here in Orlando, Florida, at this GC15 gathering. God is working in Asia. He is moving people to His ministry. He is raising up leaders and bringing them to places where He is touching lives and His Spirit is ministering healing and forgiveness. Asian FM leaders are in God's thoughts and plans, and deep in His heart for the world. I seek God and I am finding Him through these leaders. I long for His holy presence and I discover He is walking with these FM pastors and leaders ministering among the beautiful people of Asia. Now, as I seek my Creator Savior, I walk with Him, as He is walking alongside these leaders.

I still play my guitar. I still make music to my God. Right now, I need to sing the song of "God walking in the garden alone" with these Asian leaders. Each nte will proclaim God's goodness and beauty among the people of Asia.


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