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June 2015

David's Reflections

Home To the Land of America's Pastime

We are back home! We are back to the land of the free and the home of the brave. We came back to the USA about a few days ago from Asia to stay here for six months and connect with our friends and supporters, during this time of Partnership Building. Here, in Midwest America, people are friendly and accommodating. Yesterday, we went to a grocery store and bought some stuff. I was amazed how much everyone smiled. I small-talked myself throughout the day with everyone I met. Service at restaurants and hotels were excellent. Strangers wave hello to each other at some points of our car ride. Neighbors know each other by name. I love being home!

We are back in the USA, to the land of the Triple Crown, and the home of America's pastime, baseball. We were very fortunate to witness history before our eyes. American Pharaoh won the Belmont race, and with it the Triple Crown. Of course, everyone knows about it by now. Nothing like this since 1978. We are very familiar with this "horse culture" since we live in Kentucky for over a decade. My children were born there. We watched Kentucky Derby all the time. We have friends who raised race horses to compete in the many horse races in Lexington. To see the Triple Crown on our first weekend here in the USA was an icing to the cake of our coming home experience. I love living home here in Midwest America!

We are back in Illinois, back home to Grandma and Grandpa! On our first month here, we are staying home with grandparents, my wife's parents here in central Illinois. We spend most of our days talking, re-connecting, playing, watching baseball. It was fun seeing some live games of the Chicago Cubs. They even won one game against the Nationals during our first weekend. Yeah! In front of the big screen television, we talk about sports, baseball, golf, football, and basketball. Jacob, one time said: "One of these days, I would like to go with Grandpa and play putt-putt golf." Well, okay! We can consider putt-putt golf as a sport. We do not want to dissappoint Jacob, would we? It is fun to see my children enjoy their time with Grandma and Grandpa. Today, we will go to church, Grandma's local church here in Illinois. Next week, Carmen, my 14-year-old, will volunteer at this church for some children's summer school program. A week later, she will run in a fun run that will benefit the local St. Jude Hospital. Jacob and Mom will visit the local YMCA for a daily swim and exercise. I will stay home most of the time recuperating from a minor surgery and writing my sermons, teachings, and talk for this time of Partnership Building. I look forward to seeing old friends in Michigan and Illinois. I cherish this time of coming home to family and making new friends with our supporting churches. I love America!