People Get Ready
Learning From The Ground Up

Sounds of Silence

“I feel the earth move under my feet.” Not really. But there is some earth moving activity and there are a lot of feet on the move. People here are doing small construction, piling up gravel and sand into a walkway for the Bible College dormitory. Everyone is moving about, cleaning, painting the ICCM (childcare center) rooms, teaching children, and giving lectures to the Bible students. It is not actually a song, but I feel like singing a song anyway. I am pleased to see that because of the donation of some people from Taiwan, we are able to give a small amount of money to pay for construction and painting materials. And, because of the work of this Taiwan Team volunteers, the Bible College students are free to come to their classes where I team-teach for a week with two of our members.

I am tired. I just finished my class. However, it is encouraging to see the students’ faces light up whenever I mention missions work from some foreign lands. It is their first time to take a class on missions. I know there are many more things they need to know, more missional concepts to understand, before they can go and become missionaries in some unknown land or within this country among different tribes and people groups. Well, maybe, not before. Because sometimes God leads people to go and when they are already there in missions work, then they learn missionary lessons along the way. If you were to ask me, I prefer the former. It is better to be prepared and learn your lessons before going to the field. I am sure you will agree with me.

I am here in Yangoon, with a group of Taiwanese seminary students and some friends from a local church in Pingtung. There is twenty of us. Eight of these have come for the first time, their first time to join a missions trip. At the beginning, I was a little apprehensive leading this group. But now, after watching the more experienced ones assisting me, I am a little more relaxed. God is truly my Helper!

With 20 of us, we are able to divide into eight teams, going to six different places, doing nine different forms of service. I am so blessed with this team. They are so efficient. The team leaders are so responsible. Everyone is cooperating. I am not saying we are not experiencing difficulty or miscommunication. These problems come to all missions team. However, the way the members are responding to each situation is a testimony of God’s grace. Whenever there are changes and adjustments, everyone is flexible and willing to go with the flow. God is truly leading or ways.

Tomorrow, we will spend more time with the Chinese church. Pastor Esther and her team has been a great help. They cook for us, their van brings us to places we are going, they assist us in everything. What a testimony to the Body of Christ, the oneness we have in the Lord. I feel like singing a song. “And the vision that is planted in my brain.” Well, more like God’s vision for missions resting in my heart, moving my life, reaching for His glory. I love leading missions team for God. Maybe, someday, you can join me in one of our Asian trips. Give me a call or write me an email. God will do the rest. He is our Helper.


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