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September 2014

Two Students, One Seminary, The Same God For All

David Tseng (DT) was raised up in a Christian family. Josh Liu (JL) grew up in a broken home. DT was the son of a Minister, a PK (pastor’s kid). JL never knew his father. DT was surrounded by family and grandparents. JL was rejected by his mother at an early age. David (DT) moved with his family from one parsonage to another. Josh (JL) moved from one foster family to another. These are two students from different backgrounds.  They have contrasting life experiences.  Now, they are in seminary to pursue theological education and to obey God’s call in their lives.

David Tseng and Josh Liu are here in Holy Light Theological Seminary. They are two of the almost 300 registered students for this school year 2014-2015. We have a diverse group of students this year. We have five students from Korea, two students from Thailand, one student from Indonesia, several other Asian students for our Doctor of Ministry program. Diversity is not only at the cultural level. A significant number of our new students this Fall Semester are second-career students. Last year’s students are mostly retirees who have entered seminary to pursue theological training for an anticipated time of ministry with their local churches. One can just imagine the diverse conversations at the classroom and during informal talks and social interactions.

David Tseng (DT) is on his third year of seminary studies. He feels the support of family and friends. He shares that the only time he has offended his family is when he failed in his college education and was rejected by the school. On the other hand, Josh Liu (JL) faces the rejection of his mother and friends. They think he is crazy coming to seminary and leaving a good paying job in the foreign trading business. The only affirmation he receives is from one of his foster family who introduced Jesus to him and help Josh grow in his Christian life. Both students, DT and JL, are here because they have heard God calling them to a life of Christian ministry.

God calls people from wherever they are. In the Bible, God called Moses, a man who killed an Egyptian and is fleeing punishment for his action. He called Samuel when he was just a child. He called Peter from his work as a fisherman. He called Paul when he was passionate about his religion and was persecuting Christians. In the same manner, God is calling David Tseng, Josh Liu, and other students here at Holy Light seminary from wherever they are so that God can fulfill His plan in their lives. The same God who called people in the Bible is the same God who is calling Taiwan students so he can shape them into His servants and workers in the Lord’s harvest.

Pray for David Tseng and Josh Liu. Pray for the students of Holy Light Theological Seminary. Pray for the faculty and staff as they serve God by helping these students. Pray for God’s work in Taiwan.