Moving Around
Meeting Of Two Worlds

Focusing On The Center

I am here in Taiwan because God has called me to prepare future missionaries for the Holy Spirit's work among Free Methodists people here in Asia. I could be doing other things, but for these next three years, I want to focus on God, and spend more time with Him, and remind myself that God Himself will be the one to bring me closer to this goal of training FM missionaries for Asia.

I am back in Kaohsiung. Already, I am meeting with Jane. She is graduating this year from our seminary (Holy Light Theological Seminary, or HLTS), and seriously considering being a missionary for Chinese people scattered around the world. We talk. We discuss. She weighs her options. We pray. We explore the many possibilities of going to the Philippines to teach Chinese in a school catering to Chinese Filipinos, or to Tonga to serve at a Chinese local church, or to Brazil to help start a new work among the Free Methodists who are connected with many Chinese business people. She is ready. I am encouraged that three other faculty members are meeting with her and giving her counsel with regards to the many decisions she is going to make int he next few months. God will lead her.

I am back working here in HLTS. Aside from the usual load of teaching and preparing lessons, I also meet with students who seek my advise. Last week, we started the DMin. (Doctor of Ministry) classes. They lasted for two weeks and will continue in October 2013. One of our DMin student is John, a Dentist from City XM, located in Country C. (Country C is a restricted country, or sometimes referred to as a CAN or Creative Access Nation.) He wanted to write about missions. We met and discussed about his local church's involvement with cross cultural missionary work among the many tribal communities scattered in several provinces of Country C. I am happy for him. God is raising up leaders in Country C to finish the work there. I may not be able to go to Country C, but I know for sure the Holy Spirit will raise up more leaders like John who will respond to God's call for cross cultural ministry. I want to go to country C, but right now, I just need to focus on what God has already given me here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


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