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April 2013

Do Not Know Their Names

And yet they have blessed me tremendously. They are here in Taiwan from Country-C to celebrate with us 60 Years of Free Methodist work in Asia. I took a picture of their backs. I cannot show their faces in public. Doing so will endanger our work. Country-C is still a restricted country. Nonetheless, they have joined us for our 60th Anniversary Celebration.

I do not know their names, and yet I am overflowing with joy. God is working mightily in Country-C. This group of about 15 brothers and sisters representing three house-church networks who have joined Free Methodist work, soon, will have their "Provisional Annual Conference." I heard their stories this morning. Brought tears to my eyes. Oh what joy i feel in my heart. I burst glorifying God for His Spirit's moving in Asia.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will meet some of them, and then, I will get to know their names. Who knows, maybe they will invite me to visit Country-C for a time of learning from our Spirit, to discover what God is doing in their midst. Hallelujah!

Another Meeting

Today, I am meeting Sam. When I was in the USA, I mentioned Sam every so often. He graduated from our seminary two years ago. He is now a missionary to Country-C with Chinese people from a small village up in a mountain somewhere in Asia. He just got married this year. You could just imagine what our conversation will be, right? Marriage. Missionary life. Reminiscing our seminary days. Sharing our lives. But most of all encouraging each other in the Lord.

I love this ministry of encouragement. One missionary at a time.

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