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March 2013

Not Knowing, And Yet Rejoicing

16 graduates from our Masters of Christian Leadership program at our city-XM seminary extension, located in Country-C. I do not know any of them. I have never been to this seminary in city-XM, but all the same, I rejoice with them. These graduates had never taken my classes, and yet I feel their joy. Some of them brought their family members to join us in this time of celebration. I wanted to post pictures of the students, but I cannot do this. Country-C is a restricted country and doing so will endanger the lives of our students and faculty.

Last week, I was in Butuan City, Philippines to join a mission team from Mt. Pleasant, MI. Pastor Nick, Joel and 4 others came from Central Michigan Free Methodist Church (CMFMC) to help in one of the building projects of the Bancasi Camp Grounds FMC. I know most of the members. They and CMFMC are supporters for our FMWM work. I know most of them. It was a great time to connect with them, whether we are digging holes or simply sitting down and chatting away during dinner time. I felt refreshed after my short visit to the Philippines.

Tomorrow, we will go to Thailand for a much needed retreat with all the FMWM missionaries in Asia. I could say I know all of these missionaries. Most of them are my "soul mates," colleagues in the field and spiritual confidants. I know them very well, and they also know me to the core. It will be a great time of spiritual renewal and fellowship.

Not knowing people or being totally familiar with our old friends, in both circumstances, we can rejoice in our Lord, because He is the One who sustains us all.To God be the glory!!!