Thank You For Praying . . . For This Mission Trip
Meeting of the Minds, Listening With Our Hearts

Prayer For A (Chinese) New Year

This Daoist temple is packed. People everywhere from all walks of life are celebrating the Lunar New Year. One good thing about Taiwan is that you do not have to convince these people that there is an Almighty God. In times of trouble or in auspicious times like today, they will all come to express their veneration for the divine. 

Father in heaven, I pray that you will find a way for the people of Taiwan to see You in all Your glory and majesty.

I am on my way to church. After I park the car on the streets of Feng Shan, I walk about 2-3 blocks to go to church. I cannot help but pass by two Daoist temples. This one with the big door is overflowing with worshippers. Some are selling lotus flowers for use at the temple worship.

I pray that the God of the universe will reveal His beauty to the people of Taiwan. Just like the purity of that lotus flower, the Lord of beauty and holiness will visit Taiwan in this auspicious time of the Lunar New Year. Holy Spirit, help my brothers and sisters from Feng Shan understand your plan of salvation for all the peoples of the world. Give them a hunger for Your presence. Remind them of Jesus love.

I need to hurry up. I am already late for the morning service at Feng Shan FMC. But I am glad that I passed by these two temples. I am reminded that this is the reason why I am in Taiwan. I am here to help local churches in their quest for relevance among their neighbors and friends who are immersed in Daoist religion and Chinese folk religion. I am grateful for these reminders. I see these people searching for God, and I know God is meeting them somewhere. My prayer is that I will find out where that "somewhere" is, that meeting place of God and these people seeking God's presence. I need to hurry up. I am already late, but I am glad I passed by this way.


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