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Good Beginnings

"Show me how you did it in your Filipino ministries, and we can look at it and see how we can do it here in our ministry among the Indonesians in this area," Pastor Wayne shares to us. This local Free Methodist pastor expresses his desire to learn from Pastora Tessa, my guest for the afternoon. I am bringing Pastora Tessa and Pastor Cris to this local church so they can see for themselves the early beginnings of an FM ministry among Indonesian families in the Feng Shan district. I see Pastor Wayne's humility. I feel his love for the many foreigners in his neighborhood. I sense his growing vision for a local Free Methodist church in Kaohsiung fully mobilized for cross-cultural missions here and abroad. I am grateful for this good beginnings.

Meanwhile, we talk to Hueyna, an Indonesian housewife married to a Taiwanese family here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Her Chinese is really superb. Well, we were not surprised. She has been living in Taiwan for the last twenty years or so. Moreover, we were impressed with her passion to begin a church planting work among the many Indonesians in this district. It helps that she goes to this local Free Methodist Church. It is to our advantage that her husband is an active member of this local FM congregation. But most of all, we are so blessed to hear her heart and to see her hunger for more Indonesians, like herself, to come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray for her that God will continue to shower His grace on her and her family. We pray that she will have words of wisdom as she talks to the many Indonesians in the area. But most of all, we pray for more people like Hueyna, who will be the bridges to the building of God's Kingdom. We pray for bridges, people of peace, mustard seed, little candles, tads of salt. Whatever we might call them, they are all signs of a good beginning.


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