“A prophet's honor”
Thank You For Praying . . . For This Mission Trip

God's Visit During A Mission Trip

She raised her hand when I said 3 out of 5. The rest of the group said 5 out of 5. Everyone is very excited about this mission trip to the Philippines, except for Judy. Judy Yao is one of the eight students from Holy Light Theological Seminary, Taiwan, who are here in the Philippines, visiting Free Methodist local churches and different children's ministries in Butuan City and its vicinity. Last night, we had a short evaluation of our 9-day mission trip. She was very honest in giving her opinions.

I think Judy has given the better evaluation. In mission trips like this Taiwan Mission Team 2013, people usually are full of excitement and greatly encouraged by God. They are "high" and full of joy because of the many new things they have learned from the Holy Spirit. But a few like Judy knows that after the mission trip or after a few months of coming back to Taiwan or any home country, the missions member will feel a down turn in their spiritual experience. And then, God will come and challenge the members to greater demands of obedience and worship to him. Even right now, perceptive Christians like Judy know you can never say 5 out of 5, because in the near future, God will come and will ask a member of the mission trip to "greater heights of glory," to higher demands of obedience. Judy Yao knows that someday after this trip she will say yes to God for something God will demand of her, and when that day comes, her excitement will turn into a different kind of experience. I pray that God's grace will cover these students and when that day comes of God asking them to follow Him in a deeper way, they will all be ready to take that step of faith.

Today, we will be leaving for Taiwan. We will go back to our local churches and the seminary life in Kaohsiung. Just as God was with us, all eleven of us (we have 2 college students participating), God will also lead us to represent His missions work here in the Philippines and around the world for the people of Taiwan. I pray that we will be faithful spokespersons for our Living God.


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