Waiting For The Spirit To Move
God's Visit During A Mission Trip

“A prophet's honor”

“A prophet is honored everywhere except in his hometown and in his own home.” (Matthew 13:57) I am not a prophet and I do not claim to be one. I am merely a teacher, a lowly seminary professor, who just happens to be a missionary visiting ones hometown.

I am getting ready for a mission trip to the Philippines, and I will visit Butuan City with some of our Holy Light seminary students, exactly 10 students from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We will be helping in the Ahon Ministry, painting the walls of one of its buildings for the orphan children. While I am there, I will be doing some teaching and preaching in some of our Free Methodist local churches. Some of the students will also be sharing a short sermon and testimonies to four different local churches.

Today, I am a little uneasy. I almost feel the discomfort described in the verse where Jesus mentioned about the prophet's honor. You see, Butuan City is my hometown. I was born there. I grew up there. I have many memories associated with this beautiful city of Butuan. And yet, I feel "squeamish" inside. I am looking forward to this ministry of teaching and challenging our Free Methodist brothers and sisters there to be more involved in cross cultural ministry. I am excited that I have been given this opportunity to teach. But at the same time, I do not want to appear "the expert" who is showing them the way; the one who has all the answers. I just want to be one of them. I want to share as one who is also in the same boat; as one who is a fellow traveler, a pilgrim who also struggles with the demands of cross cultural missionary work.

I pray for God's humility. So help me God!


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