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Simply Thankful Here in Michigan

Family Connections

Today is the Fourth of July, 2012. We are here with Grandma Judy and Grandpa John, in their home at a little town called Macomb (Illinois). We will be going out to watch the little parade at the town square and experience some small-town American culture. In the afternoon, we will go see Grandma's sister and visit with them. This 4th of July holiday is always a good time to strengthen our connections with our family here in the USA. Hot dogs and hamburgers. Fireworks and flag waving. All these experiences remind us that we are Americans, well, mostly Sarah and the kids. I am just another Filipino American (Fil-Am) enjoying the ride, and savoring the burgers and the Kitchen Cooked potato chips, the world famous potato chips that every person in Illinois knows.

Carmen and Jacob are enjoying every little moment with Grandma and Grandpa. we are staying in their house for the moment. Auntie Susan from Chicago is here, so the whole Mowery gang is complete. The house is getting smaller every day. Most especially when the kids start wrestling and running around. And of course, the adults chorus out their: "No  running please!" Oh well, this just reminds me of my time in the Philippines, living in a small house with ten siblings and relatives and helpers and . . . you do get the picture, right?

Sarah is not feeling well. So, she will stay here in Macomb while I go to Michigan for our annual Conference and Family Camp. Many of our friends in MI will be disappointed. They are looking forward to seeing our children and talking to Sarah. I am disappointed that Carmen and Jacob won't be able to try out our new pool in Manton Camp. However, we will see them again, when we come around and visit our churches in MI these months of August and September. It will be a different experience driving to MI alone. I am hoping that I do not run over a racoon, again, just like the last time. Remember that? Overall, this visit will be a great experience for me to reconnect with our MI friends. They have always been our vigilant prayer warriors. They are our spiritual family.

We are getting ready to leave for Aunt Bonnie's (Sarah's Aunt) house and fellowship there. I heard she was getting things ready to host all of us. She mentioned in her Facebook posting that she learned to play Angry Birds so she will know how to entertain Jacob, our ever full-of-energy 7-year old boy. I appreciate this. Imagine an almost seventy grandmother learning how to play Angry Birds! That is a great effort to get connected to our son Jacob. Way to go for family connections!


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