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No Typhoons Here in Indianapolis, IN

Thank you for all your prayers. We made it to the USA. Despite the two back-to-back typhoons in Taiwan and Japan, we still made out of Kaohsiung Airport and Narita Airport without much trouble. We left Japan about half hour late, and that caused us to miss the connecting flight in Chicago, by only 10 minutes. Bummer! So, instead of leaving by 6:00 PM, we got on the 9:00 plane and arrived in this city of Indianapolis around midnight.

I am writing here at the condo of Bishop Marlene and Matt. They are not here. I am not sure where they are now exactly, but they let us to stay here for a few days while we are getting ready to head out to Michigan for Family Camp and Annual Conference. Sarah and the children and sound asleep. We are enjoying some peace and quiet. From what I heard, we left Kaohsiung right after a terrible typhoon that rendered damages to some villages in the mountains of southern Taiwan. And then, the day after we left, another tropical storm (typhoon) passed by Taiwan in route to Japan. I heard on the news that many flight cancellations happened because of these two inclement weather. It just happened that in between these two typhoons, there was a day of lull and relatively good weather for travel. This is one reason why we made it out of Asia with not much difficulty--well, except for a delayed take-off in Narita Airport and missing a domestic flight here in the USA.

Thank you all for your prayers for us. Tomorrow, I mean today (it is already 3:00 AM Thursday), we are going to see Grandma and Grandpa. While we were on the plane, Carmen told me that one thing she is really looking forward to during this USA visit is playing ball with the cousins, and most especially with Grandpa. That was so sweet! It melted my heart. I am glad we do not have typhoons here in the Midwest so we can go out in the yard and play ball. Thank God for baseball!!!


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