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Theological Reflections of a Seven-year Old Boy

A few weeks back, my seven-year old son, Jacob, wrote a song. It was a simple song, and yet, it captured the depth of a theological tenet--the Lordship of Christ demands everything from us, and He calls us to a change of allegiance from the core of our being to a life of submission and obedience to God. 

Here is the song: "Jesus."

Jesus is my Superhero That he can 
Be Two To Ze-ro Better Than Ma-ri-o So-nic And Me!
Then I will live with Je-sus. repeat 3times.

What blows me away is Jacob's understanding that Jesus is "better" than Mario and Sonic, both fictional characters from his most favorite video games. Mario is from Super Mario 63, and Sonic is from Sonic the Hedgehog. From his simple innocent 7-year old mind, he is learning the fact that Jesus demands our all and wants us to love Him over and above every relationship and commitment we have--even the ones that are fictional and imaginary.

Two Sundays ago, I spoke at an international church. I shared to a small group of 25-30 expatriates living here in Kaohsiung the challenges of missions work in Asia. As an introduction I shared Jacob's "Jesus" song to illustrate the simplicity and depth of Jesus call for cross-cultural ministry. Of course, I shared this song with a little parental pride. Everyone understood. I am one proud father. Wouldn't you?


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