Through the Eyes of a Small Boy
Mission Trip to Cambodia, 2012

Through the Eyes of my Daughter

"Girl power rocks!" Carmen says this line very proudly. She tells me the time she played basketball at school and her team of all girls defeated another team composed of both boys and girls. She recounts this story with great joy. I could not help but smile at my 10-year-old daughter's enthusiasm.

A week ago, we were in the Philippines for a two-week vacation. We visited many places and had a great time with family, my side of the family. Although, most of my siblings are living comfortable lives, we still were able to meet poor Filipino people. At several occasions, our children, Jacob and Carmen, saw beggars on the streets, played with the children of our house helpers, interacted with random children from restaurants and other public places. When we came back to Taiwan, Carmen decided to do something about what she saw in the Philippines. She started to organize a Girls' Club at school with the objective of helping the poor children of the world. She made a brochure (by long hand) inviting her girl friends at school to join her and start different fund-raising projects so that at the end they can send the money to the poor, starting with Filipino children this year.

Of course, I am very proud of my daughter. Today, she tells me that they are starting to make origami and sell these to people at their school, Morrison Christian Academy (MAK). Sarah and I try to encourage her, and I suggested to her that they can send their money so some Filipino children I personally know. She smiles and gives her consent. Girl power does rock.


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