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Today, I had a meeting with Sam Huang. Sam is a recent graduate of Holy Light Theological Seminary and currently serving as a missionary to a Creative Access Country here in Asia. He is here in Taiwan for a short furlough. We got together today for prayer and mutual encouragement. "I am not sure if I need to continue as a long-term missionary after this short one-year missionary service," Sam shares to me. He pours his heart out to me. He expresses his ambivalence towards this important decision. His field superiors think highly of him, and yet he is not sure of the right timing. One thing that is complicating his situation is his relationship with his girlfriend, who is also in the same locality. Sam is facing many decisions that most of us veteran workers would most probably have trouble with. And yet, he is taking it with so much grace and patience.

Please pray for Sam. Pray for God's guidance in his life. Pray for his girlfriend and the decisions they are going to make for marriage, career partnership, and most probably relocation to another missionary field. I admire Sam very much. He is a good friend. At this point, I am mentoring him to be a better missionary and Christian leader. In the future, he won't be needing me. He will be able to stand on his own. And when that day comes, I won't mind it if he will become my mentor. He certainly is the kind of person I would trust my life, my family, and my career. God is leading him, and I will follow.


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I love this article. It encourages and inspires those you mentor. Keep on sharing.

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