God is here and He is speaking Chinese
Sakai Free Methodist Church

Visit to Osaka, Japan (God is here)

Sunrise is early today. 4:45 am, maybe? I cannot remember. All I remember is waking up too early because the sunlight was coming through the window of this guesthouse. I am enjoying my stay here in Osaka Christian College and Seminary (OCCS), here in Osaka, Japan. 

I flew in yesterday, and my friend and colleague, Rev. Katsumi Shigetomi, picked me up at the airport and straight away we went and visited with five different Free Methodist pastors and I saw four different Free Methodist Church (FMC). Yesterday evening, I shared at the prayer meeting of Hanan FMC and this morning I will be sharing at a Bible study group of the Sakai FMC. I love it. I shared and will be sharing about loving the foreigners in our locality. (If you want to see this devotional talk, please click here) I felt like it was a whirlwind kind of activity. Straight from the airport and, in less five hours I saw four FM churches. I am not tired, but I am still confused with which pastor pastors which local church. Oh well, I can always look at the photographs that I took.

I sense God's presence among our FM pastors here in Japan. They are constantly finding out new ways to make the Christian gospel relevant to the people of Japan, including the non-Japanese living here. I pray that, during my short stay here, I can get a glimpse of the Holy Spirit's activity among our local churches. God is here, but I have this urge to see in person what the Spirit of God is actually doing.

Today, after visiting Sakai FMC in the morning, Katsumi and I will join the retreat of the faculty and students of OCCS. I have one hour to share. Pray for me. Pray that I will experience God in a very personal way here in Osaka amongst the Free Methodist people of Japan. 


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