Visit to Osaka, Japan (God is here)
Good Morning Osaka

Sakai Free Methodist Church

Fifteen beautiful Japanese ladies. There are only three of us men. I am sharing about "Loving the Foreigners Around us." I am the only foreigner in the group. I am hoping all these lovely women will love me even more after this time of sharing. Pastor Seto, the local church pastor, graciously introduced me to the ladies. Pastor Shigetomi, my friend and host for this trip, is helping me and translating for me. I share my talk and challenge everyone to look for foreigners in their area and love them from the heart. After my talk the ladies were very courteous and gave me their best smiles and endearing thank you's. I am enjoying all this attention.

This was this morning on my way to a college retreat in a mountain resort somewhere in Nara Prefecture. I visited the Sakai Free Methodist Church. I was impressed with the members' hospitality. It was not only of their age and experience, but I sensed a Divine influence in their lives. There was a 2-year-old girl and her 20-something mother, but most of the 15 beauties were mature mothers and grandmothers, probably between the ages of 55 to 65 years old. I was blessed by their love. They all reminded me of some of my friends from Michigan--all beautiful mature mothers and grandmothers, who faithfully pray for me and my family. Both of them, Michigan and Sakai ladies, expressed their desire to help missionaries and to participate in missions activities.

You can always rely on the grandmothers of the world, whether they are from Japan or USA. They are beautiful people, beaming with love. They are full of prayer and commitment. They're giving the angels of heaven a work out. (Angels are working overtime to find answers to their prayers, everyday).


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