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Taiwan Ministry Among the Vietnamese People Here in Taipei

24 new members were baptized. About 55 people were present for this worship service. I came all the way from Kaohsiung to join the Free Methodist Vietnamese Church of Taipei. They met at a Baptist church located close to the Taipei Main Train Station. It was so humbling to see all these Asian migrant workers (some are wives married into Taiwanese families) take time off from family and work to be here for a baptism service. This church had been started a few years back by Khoa and Tammy, Vietnamese Americans from Ohio. They came to Taiwan as VISA missionaries. Currently, Khoa is finishing his M.Div work at Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary. Despite the work schedules of these Vietnamese migrant workers (most of them only have 4 hours of time off every month) and the responsibilities of Pastor Khoa as a full time student at the seminary, the Lord is constantly blessing this ministry. 

I came so I could document the Lord's work among this Vietnamese people here in Taipei. I came with my camera and video cam, including a heart full of anticipation for what God would be telling me through this group of people. I took pictures of them coming forward to give their tithes and offerings, putting their gifts into two different boxes. I found out later that one box is for their regular offering and the other is for missions work back in Vietnam. Pastor Khoa told me that this church is paying the rent for the use of this Baptist church, on their own, with no foreign funding. I thought that was a very significant sign of a healthy church. He also told me that they are supporting one church planter-pastor in Vietnam. With the gift of $150.00 US dollars they send every month, the pastor was able to multiply the work to three more churches. What a way to contribute to the Lord's harvest. With little resources, including money, time, and personnel, God's work is growing tremendously among the Vietnamese people both here in Taiwan and in Vietnam. Glory to God!


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Dear David,
I have some vietnamese friends in Kaohsiung which are trying to find Bibles in vietnamese. Do you now where we can buy some in Kaohsiung? Or how we can get them?

Be blessed,


I will look around. My friends have access to these Vietnamese Bibles. How many do you need? What is the mailing address/es? I also have booklets of testimonies in Vietnamese if you are interested, I mean, your friends are interested. Email me separately if you need to, but a reply here should be okay.


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