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Easter Greetings From Up in a Mountain

The angels said, "Why do you stand here looking into the sky?" (Acts 1:11) Here in this biblical account, the angels are simply reminding the disciples that Jesus is coming back again. They left the Mount of Olives and went to the Upper Room to pray. It is at this point that the Holy Spirit came in mighty power, giving the gift of tongues to the disciples that resulted in many people coming to God in salvation and repentance. But first things first--they had to leave the mountain where Jesus was taken up into heaven right before their very eyes.

This week is holy week. Back in the Philippines during this whole week, time comes to a stand still. Holy Week traditions abound in this country, some not so good but a few brings the Filipino Christians to remember Jesus' sacrifice in the cross and His glorious resurrection. This week here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, here in the seminary, nothing much is happening. We have a little worship service tomorrow, full of Easter liturgy commemorating Christ' death and rising from the dead. I am playing the guitar in one of the songs. Very simple. It is not really a big holiday. Unlike the Philippines and the USA with its Easter bunnies, egg hunts, and, in some large churches, a grandiose choral presentation--the Easter Cantata.

Today, we are going to start a Worship Band here in the seminary. Not a grandiose musical production, just a little band of 6-8 students deciding to get together to play music and sing songs. I have no high expectations. We will see what we can do. We do not have any music genius among us. We only have Christians who have a heart for worship and a desire to assist local churches in their music ministries.

This coming Monday, I am going with a bunch of students to climb Ali Shan, or Mount Ali, here in central Taiwan. Next week is the seminary's Spring Break vacation. The mountain is about 2663 meters above sea level. I doubt if we ever will go up that high. At least we will be in out of the city and into nature for two whole days. There are three students who are coming with me. I want to make it clear to them that this is my personal retreat, a time to focus on God and in prayer. I think they will understand. Maybe, up there in Ali Shan, I will hear God's voice in a fresh way. I pray that His Spirit will visit me in His mighty power . . . I can only wait on Him. He will do whatever He wants to do with me. One thing I know is that I will see God in Ali Shan, "right before my very eyes" (Acts 1:9).


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