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January 2010

Just Played Basketball with Carmen

I just played basketball with my daughter Carmen. It is pretty laid back here in the Clemente household. It is Sunday afternoon, and we are resting up a little bit. Sarah is preparing dinner. I love her cooking. Yesterday, she made pansit (Filipino noodles), and it was the best ever. Oopps, Jacob is calling, "Papa, supper is ready!" I better go down and join them on the dinner table.

23 boxes came

23 boxes came yesterday. All accounted for. Praise God! I started opening them and organizing all our stuff. It will probably take me all week until I am done. Today, I have all the books out. I am so glad they came now, because I need most of my Missiology books for my lectures and Mission class this coming Spring Semester. Yes, I am teaching a class on Introduction to Missiology. I am so excited! Cannot wait to get started on this teaching ministry; God's call in my life to serve him through this type of service.

This coming Monday, I will go through the orientation for the new faculty members. I will get to see my office, well, more like a cubicle, as well as start preparing the Mission Center for the coming semester. I will also have a meeting with the President of the seminary to go through some details on my role as a missions professor at Holy Light Theological Seminary. I am ready! God will be my guide and inspiration.

A Letter to a Pastor and Friend From Zeeland, MI


Thank you so much for your prayers. The children are adjusting pretty well. Carmen is enjoying her school at Morrison Academy. It helps that her classmates are so excited to have her back. Jacob is also enjoying school. Although, I sense that he is feeling out of place because he cannot speak Chinese as fluently as his classmates. He loves to talk so it does not help that he is the odd one out of the group. I am sure he will pick the language up and will be back as usual in no time. But, for now, he needs more work. Please pray that he can re-learn Chinese very quickly.

I am preparing for my lectures. I still have to select my interpreter. This Monday, I am going to talk to several people and ask them to be my interpreter and translator for my class at seminary. Pray for God's leadership.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm. It has been good to know that Zeeland FMC is behind us and with us in this ministry here in Taiwan. Tomorrow, we will go to Feng Shan FMC. It is also encouraging that this congregation here in Kaohsiung is very supportive of our family. It is empowering to realize that both "home church" (Zeeland FM) and "mission field church" (Feng Shan FM) are participating with us in the Lord's work here in Asia. God bless.

In Christ,


Back in Kaohsiung, Taiwan this January 2010

Carmen says: “It is good to be back in Taiwan!” My eight year old daughter clearly states our feelings as a family. We have been back since two days ago. In the midst of the unpacking, laundry and cleaning of the house, we take frequent walks outside and play at the nearby public park just so we can shake off this jet lag. I think by now, we are back into Kaohsiung time.

Already, both kids are practicing their Chinese. They will start school this Monday. Yesterday, I saw both of them writing Chinese characters on pieces of paper. They are excited to get started again with their Taiwan life. I have to confess I am a little bit apprehensive and worried about my learning of the Chinese language. I feel that I am not ready. In my devotions yesterday, the Lord impressed in my heart that I need to pray more for a great love for the Chinese language. Pray for me. Pray that my love for the Chinese people will increase and my commitment to the study of the Chinese language will grow. I praise the Lord that He has encouraged me with my children and their enthusiasm for the Chinese language is lifting me up.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! I was bracing myself for the onslaught of loud firecrackers and the suffocating black smoke from burning tires, but all I hear is soothing silence in the midst of this beautiful full moon. I am definitely not in Manila. I thought I will turn on the television and watch the ball drop, but I missed it. I was having so much fun with my sister and my brother in-law talking about challenging cross cultural work among the Pashtuns, the Turkimenistans, and the Afghans from far away desert lands. Anyway, we are not in New York. Oh, how about the Red Envelope (Hong Bao)? No, that is for another New Year, the Chinese New Year that we celebrate in Taiwan. What I see here is a Once-In-A-Blue-Moon occasion. I mean literally, a Blue Moon. I am here in Denver, Colorado, visiting with my sister and her family (as well as with my Aunt Dellie and her family in Colorado Springs, tomorrow), while my wife and two children are left in Avon, Illinois. This will not be happening very often, only once in a rare blue moon.

I see the full (Blue) moon and I greet everyone a Happy New Year! Regardless of the occasion, whatever the conversation, may you have a prosperous coming new year. The Lord bless you!