Sunday Morning at Parkview
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Second Time is a Treat

It was our second time for this year to stay at the Long residence. Barry, the pastor of Pana FMC, invited us to stay at their house in Shelvyville, IL. We spoke at Pana (IL) and later drove to Barry and Cathy's home for the night. We got to meet Kris and Matt, two of the many Long children, again, for the second time. This morning, we saw Joe, one of Barry's son who is in the military stationed in Kentucky. Overall, the visit was a hit. Jacob and Carmen enjoyed playing with Spark, Simon, and especially little puppy Rufus. These three family pets (dogs) were the center of our time at the Long family living room. In the midst of these, Barry and I talked about cross cultural missions and church ministry in general. I left the conversation with a strong impression that I am going to see this family in the mission field (again) in the near future.

Our time at Pana FMC last night was delightful. I got to chit chat with Lavon. She gave me a jar of my favorite snack food--roasted cashew nuts. For some reason, she remembered four years ago that I said I love cashew nuts. It was so precious that this dear old lady of 80 years or more paid attention to what I said and bought this tasty food that I can take home with me. God bless Lavon!

The people at Pana church took care of us. Barry, Heather, and another lady took care of our display table. Someone went home to get a table for us to use. I hang out with Sandra and some other teenagers from the church. They were a lively bunch. (Sandra is now a Facebook Friend.) After I spoke, the Q & A time was engaging. They all had a lot of queries about persecution in Asia and the current Free Methodist work in Creative Access countries. Even the teenagers asked Sarah and I about the fashion clothes of Taiwanese young people. We became fashion experts for one night.

We headed out of Shelvyville this morning and came to Macomb mid afternoon and straight to the county clinic to get our H1N1 Flu shots. Now, it is hard to imagine that we are done with our visits to local churches. The next round of visits (Partnership Building) will be the summer of 2012. By that time, we will be more ready than this first time. The second time will be easier. . . and hopefully less grueling than this one. 2012 will be a delightful treat!


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