12,600 Miles
Last Night at Shelvyville, Illinois

Last Night at Greenville, Illinois

We drove in to Greenville, Illinois at around five in the afternoon and stayed at Doane and Ruth's place. I knew Doanne from early 90s when he was the FMWM Director and came to Manila for short visits. Their house had a huge basement section complete with everything. Carmen and Jacob loved it. We had a good rest and felt rejuvenated for this morning's worship service.

This morning, we spoke at Greenville FMC, at both early and late services. People were so gracious, appreciating my 7-minute missions presentation. I shared about the recent harvest that is happening with the Free Methodist work in Asia. I saw some longtime friends: Matt and Ann, my friends from Asbury days in Wilmore, Kentucky; Bob and Carolyn, the first Illinois FM missionaries I knew when I was a small kid back in Butuan City, Philippines; John and Arlene, whom I knew for many years when John was a FM missions executive; Jo Ann, a good friend for many years. I also saw some familiar faces; Lucia and Greg (I was blessed with Greg's piano worship time), Doug, the pastor of the church, Greg (I hope to connect with him sometime about the work in Nepal), Greg from Greenville College (GC), Daniel, who shared to me about his summer teaching in Asia, Elizabeth from GC, and many others I can't recall right now. Maybe tomorrow morning, after I get rested, I can remember their names. At the display table, I also met Gene, whose wife is a nurse. He shared about his desire to support us. This local church is one of our most vibrant and missions-minded churches. I praise the Lord for the honor to represent His work in Asia and this opportunity to share about missions work with this community here in Greenville, Illinois.

At lunch time, the GC missions committee members, well, most of them, were at Doanne and Ruth's house for a fellowship dinner. Carl, Vikki, Pat, and Rich were also there. They were all so affirming. We left the house filled with God's love and the prayers of His people, and with the promise of continued support and encouragement.


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