Yesterday at Grand Rapids
Rejoicing in Suffering

Yesterday at Big Rapids

Yesterday, Roland and Shirley took the whole family for a lunch buffet at Ponderosa here in Big Rapids, MI. After the dinner, we went to the Card Wildlife Center, located inside the campus of Ferris University. The Center houses a wide variety of stuffed animals from around the globe. I personally felt very uncomfortable. I could not see the logic of preserving wildlife by hunting them down and stuffing them and transporting them away from their natural habitat. I do not want to get political here. I appreciate the Center's efforts to educate the general public about exotic animals from far away lands. And, I am grateful to my hosts for showing me this Center. Carmen and Jacob are having the time in their life. You could see the photos from our family webpage at Dropshots and see for yourself how the children enjoyed the whole thing. For me, I would rather talk about our dinner time at Ponderosa.

At the lunch table, I found out both Roland and Shirley worked at the university. He retired as a professor at the Business department of the university. While we were talking, I often wonder how the Big Rapids FMC could start a college ministry in the campus. It would definitely take a lot of effort. I could see myself retiring in a city like Big Rapids, with its college community and the potential of cultural diversity. I did not share this to Roland and Shirley. Maybe, someday. Perhaps, tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the Men's Prayer Breakfast of the Big Rapids FMC. Roland told me this is the first time they are doing something like this. It is always good to start something with prayer. I am looking forward to God's revelation of His plan in my life through this local FM church here in Michigan.


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