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Today, my daughter, who just turned eight last Wednesday, is going out with Grandma to get her hair cut. We are grateful for this short family time we have here in Avon, IL. We are getting ready for our going back to Kaohsiung, Taiwan this January 12, 2010. I still have to hear from the shipping company about the quotes for the things I am bringing back to Taiwan. Today, I am packing more boxes and sorting through all our stuff. Meanwhile, we also preparing for another round of church visits here in Illinois. This Sunday, we are going to Alton in the morning and Coffeen in the evening, both in this state. Please pray for traveling mercies.

Last Sunday, on our way to Barryton FMC for the evening service, Carmen mentioned about a scrap book she is making. She wanted a picture of a deer that she can include in this book. We were driving east towards Barryton in some central Michigan countryroads on the opening day of hunting (rifle) season. You could just imagine all the hunters around the woods and the spooked deer crisscrossing the highways. I told my daughter that if we see a deer by the road, we can stop the minivan and take a picture of these beautiful animal for her scrapbook. About a few minutes after, we saw seven, not just one, but seven white-tailed deer by the road. So we stopped and snapped away with our cameras. After that, we told Carmen that she is a very special child before God. God granted her request and sent these seven deer along our way so we can enjoy the sight.

Last Wednesday was Carmen's eighth birthday. Grandma made a cake and Carmen finished it up with the icing and candles. At lunch, Grandpa came over for dinner. Later in the evening we went out to Abingdon for a game of bowling. That was Carmen's first time to bowl. She did pretty well. I praise God for small things that fill up our day and testify to God's love and grace.


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