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Second Wind

Drinking coffee. Posting on Facebook. Blogging here on Typepad. This evening Sarah and the children are out visiting with the CLC children of Evart FMC. It is only 25 minutes away. They will be back in about two hours. I get a little privacy. Enough to get me going in my writing, network-blogging, and lesson plan preparations for my teaching when I go back to Taiwan. Yet, I feel this little emptiness inside me sitting in this computer alone in this house without my wife and two children. I am so glad that this is only temporary. They will be here in an hour. Did I say two hours?

Last Sunday we went to Lakeview FMC. Pastor Ted was so gracious. He gave me, not only the sermon time, but also the whole Sunday School time with the adults. I shared about the recent news that, come this November 13, 2009, there will be 4,000 and more Free Methodist churches in the world because of the entry of four different networks of Christians from a Creative Access Country in Asia. What a blessing! Everyone at church got excited with this news. After both service and Sunday School time, we had dinner at the fellowship place of the church. People started asking questions about the work in Asia. I tried my very best to answer all of them. We met Laura, LaWanda and Sean. Enjoyed the drum playing of Ken, who came with his friend Katie. Mark and Dan's special music was great. I chatted with Linda about sponsoring foreign students. I got to meet Yuskay from Japan, one of her sponsored international student. Wish we had more time to sit with everyone and talk some more.

For the evening service, we went to Evergreen FMC, at Sheridan, MI. It was not very far from Lakeview. Jim and Angie were there to meet us. Straight away, Carmen and Jacob connected with Ms. Angie and went outside to play and chit-chat. More people came trickling in. Mr. and Mrs. Jenks were there. We remember them from four years ago. They did too! I saw Virgil, Nancy, Eleanor and Sue. It was asmall group but very lively and vibrant. We met Jim's son, Josh and his best friend, Andrew. After church, we stayed a little bit at parsonage eating some of Angie's homecooked soup and pies. It was a relaxing visit.

One thing that stood out for me was Carmen's comments on our way to the evening meeting. She mentioned about liking these church visits. Sarah asked her what she liked about them. "I like meeting new friends," Carmen responded. In retrospect, I think she is now getting her second wind--she is starting to enjoy the good stuff that she is encountering. Despite the difficulties in traveling from one new place to another every weekend, she has now learned to focus on the good things. I praise the Lord that He is helping Carmen and Jacob. They are taking this Partnership Building (furlough) time with great pride and joy. To God be the glory!


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