through his eyes
Go and Cross Cultures

True Colors Shining Through

On Michigan Highway 131, I see some trees already changing colors. We are coming up to Michigan Highway 10 and will be headed north to Sault Ste. Marie to visit a Free Methodist church there. I have heard that it is a pretty drive. We are coming into 10 now. I am so glad we have internet access using my Blackberry here in the car. God bless technology. I am enjoying the sight and reveling in God's wonderful creation. Wait! I see some more colors. . . there is bright red, orange, crimson red, yellow orange. The trees are not yet in their full colors. But we see that some have already started changing their foliage. There is opaque yellow, copper orange, and some are in golden brown. Even some parts of the field have some beautiful pink color on the grass. I wonder what kind of grass those are. We need to take a break . . . .

We are back and right now we are already on Michigan Highway 127. We are headed to I-75 and will go straight north and hope to be in St. Ignace for a day of vacation. We are looking forward to this. Sarah especially is and she keeps saying, "When I was ten years old, we use to visit Mackinac Bridge and cross the ferry into Mackinac Island. I am so excited." Carmen and Jacob are listening attentively. More colors! Some trees on this Interstate is already in full colors. I see a few trees standing out because of their bright red purple leaves. It is kind of funny to see them in the midst of all the green trees. "I am so excited!" Sarah continues, "I think I see Mackinac Bridge." We are now approaching Mackinaw City, MI. It is gorgeous watching Lake Michigan from the road, wait . . . that is not Lake Michigan. It is just one of those small lakes scattered all over the state. They are aplenty here.

"Did you know that I was here at Mackinac Bridge when I was a small child?" Sarah keeps telling everyone in the van. "Yeah, yeah, we know," Carmen quips sarcastically. "Stop it, please!" Jacob states his disposition in a very straight forward way. I guess we are all getting irritated with Sarah's excited repeated expression of her joy. She must be down in memory lane. We see the bridge now. I can almost feel Sarah's heart beating a little bit faster than usual. "There's the bridge," Sarah declares. "We know," Carmen and I chorus. "Stop it!" Jacob complains. I feel that we all need a break. We head out for the next exit that leads to the beach front overlooking the bridge.


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