First Week in Michigan
Cool, cool day!

Inspiring Moments

Last weekend, we went to Mt. Pleasant FMC in the morning and to South Evart FMC in the evening. Both visits were very inspiring. The people accommodated us very graciously. Carmen and Jacob had a blast with Moses, Aisa, Avaris and Kyrie, the children of Jason, pastor of Mt. Pleasant FMC, and Anna. One of the highlights was their play time at the yard after church service was over. Jason drove the tractor with a wagon behind it. Carmen, Jacob and Avaris were delighted with this ride. All the adults noticed how Carmen and Aisa, both seven-year-olds, were two pieces of a pod. Although Aisa is a boy, they got along very well. They both liked the same toys. They were inseparable.  They were almost like twins. It was amazing to see two children, very different in gender and background, but quite similar in disposition and choice of things.  Again, I saw God’s creative wonders unraveling in our midst.

Right now, I am here in this dining table writing some of my thoughts. Carmen is doing her Science lessons. Jacob is drawing some pictures of images he saw from the movie, The Prince of Egypt, just a few minutes ago. Sarah is on the other computer making arrangement for our stay in a hotel in Upper Peninsula this coming few days when we visit Sault Ste. Marie. I praise God for His guidance. He has paired us with brothers and sisters here in the North Michigan Conference. Although, we, the Clementes, are very different from them (in terms of exposure and convictions), we are two pieces of the same pod. Our love for cross cultural missions unites us in God. I praise God for Jason, Anna, David, Wendy, Linda, Jim, Ryan, Adrian, Paul, Cheryl, Martha, Dick, Rich and other Michigan friends. They pray for us and support God's work in Asia. We are in the same "pod" because we have the same God. These thoughts keep me going in the Lord's work. Tonight, we will be visiting the Big Rapids FMC for their Wednesday Prayer Meeting. The Clementes will be sharing about cross cultural missions. I am looking forward to God's inspiration--again.

Yesterday, we took a day off and went to Ludington to visit the beach by Lake Michigan. It was a grandiose view of the ocean, I mean, the lake. This body of fresh water lake is so huge that one cannot see the other side of the lake. It was spectacular. The beauty of God's wonders. We had a good time relaxing. Sarah and I had so much fun watching Carmen and Jacob play on the beach and with the waves. We praised God for moments of downtime such as yesterday. It was inspiring.


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Hello DAvid,

Are you from PCU? I had this friend David Clemente, my schoolmate and bandmate (for a time) during my PCU days. I went through your write up and found that you are from Manila and Butuan City. YOu have your picture but im not really sure if you are the one that i knew.

This is formerly Irene N. Guerrero,


Of course, I remember you. So what is your married name now?

Thank you for reading my Blog and visiting. I will write you a separate email through your email address posted here in this Comment Box.

It is funny, I just asked Rodel (Palma) on his Facebook Wall where you are, but I guess he does not know. Do you have Facebook?


Hi DAvid,

I can't match your pic on the David that i knew 25 years ago...ohh this is great because it is really you! I accidentally bumped to your website, i was looking for reflections on HOme.... hahahahaha.... when i read DAvid from Manila and Butuan... it is you that came to my mind... and i was having a second thought cause the pic you have here does'nt look like you many years ago hahahahahaha... yep, i have my facebook, just look for Irene N. Guerrero Mercado.

Thank God because you and Rodel are in the ministry.

Best Regards to the family!

God Bless!

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