Standing in the Gap
Where is God Leading You?

Where is Home?

One time Sarah mentioned to Carmen about going home to Illinois this summer.  Carmen looked up at her mother and said, “But, we are home.”  When I heard this, I started asking myself the question, “Where is home?”

Where is home?  Whenever I am on the phone talking to my sisters or brothers in the Philippines, I know that home is Manila and Butuan City.  Home is the land of the pansit, bulad, and other exotic Filipino foods.  Home is where kundiman songs and Hanep songs make sense, and singing the songs of Joey Ayala always brings a tear or two to my eyes.

Where is home?  Whenever I see my family chatting on the computer with John and Judy from Illinois using a webcam on Skype, I realize then that home is Avon, Illinois, USA.  Home is where I run around Little Swan Lake and enjoy the cornfield scenery and green countryside.  Home is where March Madness happens and the Cubs look forward to another year.

Where is home?  Whenever I watch Carmen and Jacob play with our friends at Feng Shan FMC here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, I feel that home is here.  Home is the place where I play soccer with Carmen and her Chinese friends.  Home is where lighted lanterns and a walk by Love River becomes a memorable family outing.

Where is home?  Home is Philippines, USA, and Taiwan.  Home is wherever God leads us to.  So, where is your home?  Where is God leading you?


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